Peri-menopause is defined as a woman’s transition from her reproductive years into menopause.  During this time, many women experience changes in their menstrual cycles and fluctuation of hormone levels.  These natural changes can lead to many debilitating symptoms, including hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, weight gain, depression, incontinence, vaginal dryness and decreased sex drive.  Naturopathic treatments work with patients to manage these mental and physical concerns using a patient-centred approach.


Once a woman transitions into her post-menopausal years, she may continue to be affected by peri-menopausal symptoms.  During this stage the risk of certain diseases, including osteoporosis, heart disease and some forms of cancer, increases. For these women we focus not only on symptom management, but on proper screening, preventative health and risk factor modification to help patients achieve their optimum health.