"My husband and I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Alana Shaw. We now have a happy and healthy 4 month old baby conceived naturally thanks to Dr. Shaw. We had no issues conceiving our older son, who is now 4 years old, but with me getting older conceiving a second child became an issue after I turned 40 years old. I began seeing a fertility doctor and every month the news looked bleak for me, as I was not a candidate for IVF due to my low follicle count. The fertility doctor recommended I see Dr. Shaw, the naturopathic doctor. I saw Dr. Shaw regularly for about 6 months. She would talk to me about all aspects of my life and how managing the external stresses in my life affected the internal balance of my body. Dr. Shaw not only provided recommendations to manage the external stresses (yoga, breathing, acupuncture, and Eastern medicine philosophy), nutritional advice, but also provided vitamins and herbs specifically catered to me that I needed to help balance my body. I truly believe that it was this combination that led to me getting pregnant naturally.
I never thought that I would be one of those miracle success stories, but it happened to me! The fertility doctor would often mention that I should look into donor eggs, and every month I would see him to see my low follicle count... I was often so sad and upset after each visit to the fertility doctor because time and science was working against me, but then I would see Dr. Alana Shaw, and talking to her would give me hope every month. Dr. Shaw kept me focused and helped me stay positive on my goal to have another child – every month we would set out a plan for the following month. Along my journey with Dr. Shaw I did come to a realization that most importantly I needed to balance my body, which would inevitably provide a fertile environment for a child to grow and thrive. I took it one day at a time and followed the nutritional diet, acupuncture, Eastern medicine philosophy, and vitamin and herb plan set up by Dr. Shaw which led to us successfully having another healthy child. It was truly miracle for us, as we were just thinking about preparing my body for IVF with an increased follicle count, but the plan set up by Dr. Shaw nurtured my body such that we were able to conceive naturally! Words cannot express the gratitude my husband and I have for Dr. Alana Shaw. We never take our family for granted and always remember the journey we took, and how Dr. Alana Shaw was an integral part of this miraculous success story for us."
- Amy


"When I made my first appointment with Dr. Shaw, my goal was simple and singular - to get pregnant. I had no idea that with her help and guidance, my fertility journey would result in so many unexpected positives. Although I would never have chosen this path, I have benefited from it by becoming a healthier, less stressed, wiser, calmer, and more compassionate individual who now notices and appreciates the simple things in life. I credit much of this to Dr. Shaw. She helped me to put my life into perspective and to put supports in place to ensure that I learned to achieve and maintain balance. I was amazed that she was often more in tune with how I was doing than I was. Her insight, calm presence and ability to guide me in the right direction not only educated me, but more importantly, empowered me to continue on this journey, as well as those that I will face in the future. As a teacher, I know that the most powerful gift that you can to give a student is a "toolbox" full of strategies to independently make personal decisions in a diverse variety of situations long after they were taught. This is what Dr. Shaw gave me. I would highly recommend Dr. Shaw to any friend or family member who wanted to become a healthier, happier and more balanced individual. "
- Jenn M.


"I was referred to Dr. Shaw by my best friend. Having suffered from anorexia in my teens and twenties, the last piece in my recovery was getting my period back on a regular basis. I had tried numerous methods and seen several doctors but Dr. Shaw was different. She understood where I was coming from, that the changes I would have to make in my life and routine would not be easy and most importantly I was able to trust her. My last period was 26 months prior to my first visit with Dr. Shaw and in all honesty I did not think it would ever come back. I entertained all the fertility options open to me having convinced myself that I would never get my period back naturally. I was wrong. I followed all of Dr. Shaw's recommendations and this past November I got my period, only 6 months into treatment. It was one of the biggest moments of relief I have had in a long time. I would not hesitate to refer Dr. Shaw to anyone. Dr. Shaw cares about her patients, your victories are her victories and that is obvious when you start to work with her. As a patient of Dr. Shaw you are not a number, you are a person. She gives you hope and the ability to try new methods you have never tried."
- Angela Rinaldis 


"Dr. Shaw was highly recommended to me by another practitioner andshe definitely did not disappoint. I was feeling confused, discouraged and panicked at the state of my hormone health, and she provided me with detailed research and clearly explained all of my options. Within six weeks, I experienced monumental improvements in my wellbeing and achieved the results I wanted. I can’t tell you howv excited I was! Dr. Shaw is warm, thoughtful, thorough and diligent. I feel extremely grateful and fortunate to have her as part of my healing team."
- Sondi Bruner